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mysticalmayhem ([personal profile] mysticalmayhem) wrote2010-09-12 07:25 pm
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Thought I'd check this place out.

Since Livejournal went all weird and I like to keep certain aspects of my journal private i.e. fanfic (when I eventually get round to posting), I thought I'd see if this place would be better.
So far so good :)

I'm probably going to keep this as a mix of journal and writing. I need a place to write my inner most thoughts and release the inner turmoil I've been going through since my Dad died in May. I've had a very hard time of it, it's been suggested by some very good friends of mine that maybe I should write about how I'm feeling as I can't seem to talk about it.

I also want to continue a piece of fiction I started but lost inspiration for after the whole stress of my Dad's illness and eventual passing. I'm determined to finish it and hopefully write other stories in my all time favourite fandom: Torchwood!!