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Title: Unexpected meetings 1/?
Rating: PG-13
Summary:Ianto Jones was just a normal guy on his way home from work, when he comes across something he never expected to see.
Pairings: Eventual Jack/Ianto
Warnings:AU, Non graphic violence
Spoilers: None
Authors Notes: This is my first real attempt at writing, it's also AU. For this story Jack works for Torchwood but Ianto doesn't. This is an AU story of how they meet.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. It all belongs to RTD and the BBC, unfortunately.


Ianto Jones knew something wasn’t right when he could hear raised voices penetrating through his headphones. As he turned off his I-pod the voices became clearer, at first sounding like the usual banter of mates who’d been out for one drink too many.  ‘Well the rugby was on tonight’ he says, not sounding too surprised.

It was early evening, the sun having just set as Ianto started the long walk home from work. The voices were coming from the direction in which he was heading, but as he approached there was a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. What at first sounded like normal raucous banter, changed into jeering and taunting of an unpleasant nature. Still too far away to actually understand what was actually being said Ianto continued his journey. As he approached the source of the voices certain words and snippets of phrases began to his attention. He only hoped that what he thought he could hear was not genuine. As he turned the corner, the voices increasing in volume, he finally could see that what he hoped was his imagination was, in fact, a reality. What he saw halted him in his tracks.

It was dark so it was hard to pick up the entire scene in front of him.  Only the dim light of a street lamp illuminated the view. Across the road, not twenty feet from him a group of five men crowded around a sixth. Ianto watched in horror as the sixth man was kneed in the stomach and thrown harshly to the floor. Almost as one, the five men pounced on their prey kicking and punching, never letting up, trying to gain a reaction from the man cowering at their feet.  As Ianto felt his heart rate and breathing accelerate, the speech which so far had been unclear to him resumed with horrifying clarity.

‘Come on then you poofter, get up!’ jeered a tall bloke as he landed a kick to the stomach of the man trapped at his feet. ‘Not man enough to fight then.’

 ‘Yeah, show us what you’re made of!’ another pitched in. The group started to laugh as their victim began to groan at every successive hit.

‘Finally, some noise out of him at last,’ grinned the tall bloke. ‘For a second there I thought an obvious girl like you couldn’t scream.’

Gazing at the man on the floor and hearing his cries of anguish snapped Ianto out of his stupor. Running across the street, heart thumping in his chest, Ianto called to the gang, flinging out his arms, ‘Oi! Get away from that man, go on get lost!’

As the brutes glanced at each other, the tall man, the obvious leader grinned menacingly.

‘What’s it to you mate?’ he asked landing a particularly nasty kick to his victim’s head.

Trying not to let fear get to him he took in the sight of the man, still conscious but in undeniable pain, curled into a position as small as possible as if it would protect him from the violence raining around him. ‘I can do this,’ thought Ianto. ‘Be brave’. Ignoring the pounding in his ears, he replied,

 ‘I won’t just stand here and watch you beat up a defenceless man.’

‘But see that’s where you’re wrong; he ain’t a man, he’s a bleeding poof!’ one of them called looking pleased with himself.

‘He’s a human being, what has he ever done to you?’ Ianto’s shocked voice rang out in disgust. He was horrified that they thought they had the right to beat up a person, but what made Ianto sick to the stomach was the fact they took some sick twisted pleasure from it. ‘I have to help this guy. Think Ianto! There’s got to be a way out of this...’ Observing the threatening gleam in the men’s eyes he gulped, ‘hopefully in one piece.’

In the far distance Ianto heard salvation; a police siren. The group of thugs seemed to be too intoxicated to notice, muttering amongst themselves and staring at Ianto in a predatory manner. Taking a deep breath and praying the siren would get louder, Ianto found his voice once again ‘Well I’ve had enough of this. The police are on their way, so I’d piss off if I were you.’

Several of the brutes shared a worried glance and started to shuffle their feet, but their leader just snorted stalking up to Ianto and getting right into his face, ‘Yeah right, and when did you do that boyo?’

‘ I crossed over here,’ Ianto replied as calmly as possible. This was very hard under the circumstances. With the tall bloke so close to him, breathing heavy waves of alcoholic stench on to his face, Ianto realised just how dangerous the situation was. The pounding of his heart in his ears made it hard to ascertain whether the siren was still there or if the brutish giant in front of him had just called his bluff.

Just as it looked as though he was going to get pounded, one of the bullies’ associates called out saying he could hear the sirens and Ianto breathed out a sigh of relief.

Looking to his friends then back at Ianto the leader grabbed the front of Ianto’s shirt and pulled him in close.

 ‘Alright mate, looks like you win this round. But I’m warning you, next time...’ said in a threatening whisper against his ear ‘ won’t be so lucky.’ Shoving Ianto away from him the gang of thugs raced off down the street in the opposite direction to the call of the police car.

Breathing heavily, Ianto straightened himself out trying, unsuccessfully, to calm down. ‘Oh god, did I just do that’ he wondered out loud.

A loud groan to his right brought him back to the present. He turned to the sight of the victim, illuminated by the single working streetlamp. As he approached Ianto took in his appearance. Despite being in the foetal position, Ianto can see that he is tall, and that he seems to be wearing some sort of military coat. Crouching by his side Ianto gently turned him, trying to avoid frightening him, making gentle shushing noises as arms flung out in defence. A sobbed groan is ripped from the guy’s chest and he finds himself looking into a pair of distinctive blue eyes. In the most reassuring voice he can muster Ianto looks into those eyes and says ‘Its ok, you’re safe now.’

Chapter 2   -



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