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Title: Unexpected meetings 2/? (not sure about the title yet)
Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe)

Summary:Ianto Jones was just a normal guy on his way home from work, when he comes across something he never expected to see.
Pairings: Eventual Jack/Ianto
Warnings:AU, Non graphic violence
Spoilers: None
Authors Notes: This is my first real attempt at writing, it's also AU. For this story Jack works for Torchwood but Ianto doesn't. This is an AU story of how they meet. Not beta'd
Disclaimer: I own nothing. It all belongs to RTD and the BBC, unfortunately.



As he stared into the pale face, marred by the early stages of several vicious bruises, Ianto took in the harsh reality of how cruel a bunch of drunken thugs could be. Never before, in his twenty-four years of life had Ianto witnessed any sort of malicious action toward another human being. It was incomprehensible to him. ‘People just don’t do things like this, well on TV yes, they do. I just never expected to witness it in front of my own eyes.’ He sighed and pulled himself out of his own head, as he remembered that the victim lying on the floor next to him would be in considerable pain. He glanced up and down the body of the man, noticing how he was still slightly curled up, arms held protectively against his stomach. As he reached the man’s face again he found those piercing blue eyes watching him warily. ‘I need to get him help,’ he thought, reaching back to his pocket for his phone.

Though he noticed the man flinched as he did so, he carefully brought his arm back around, as though to reassure the man that he meant no harm. ‘He’s probably terrified, I hope he doesn’t think I could do anything what those...people were capable of. God knows how I’d be feeling if I were in his position,’ Ianto shuddered at the thought.

‘It’s ok now,’ Ianto said gently. ‘I’ll just call an ambulance and then we can get you seen to at the hosp...’

He didn’t get the opportunity to finish his sentence before the man called out, ‘No! No police, no ambulance, please.’ There was a flash of fear in those blue eyes for a brief moment.

Shocked at the strength and determination in the man’s voice Ianto replied ‘’re badly hurt.’

He watched as the man sluggishly tried to pull himself into a standing position. ‘I’ll be fine,’ he replied. He managed to sit up before he let out a sharp gasp and clutched desperately at his chest as he tried to breathe through the pain. ‘Just...just gimme... a minute.’

‘Look, you’re obviously not fine, just let me get help and...’ Ianto said as he started to dial the emergency services.

‘Please, don’t!’

He looked into the pained eyes of the man before him, ‘I should get him help, why won’t he let me?’ he thought frustrated.

‘Fine, okay. No hospital.’ Still concerned Ianto tried to think of a way he could help the battered man.

Whilst stuck in his own thoughts, Ianto observed the man as he decided to try and stand. By the way he breathed Ianto deduced that at minimum he had to have bruised ribs. Ianto watched shaky arms and legs try to find equilibrium and remember how to operate. ‘He must be in some form of shock, not wanting to get medical help.’ It was as though while he thought Ianto, became a witness to the events surrounding him, rather than a part of them, which had always been the case when he was younger. ‘Used to drive Tad mad,’ he recalled.

Snapped out of his thoughts by a gasp of pain, Ianto returned back to the situation. The man was failing to rise from the ground, one leg still lying on the ground with his arms pressing against the floor as he tried to lift his weight, unsuccessfully. Ianto gently placed his arms under the mans shoulders, taking care not to exert too much pressure, for fear he might jostle any of his injuries. ‘Here. Let me help you at the very least.’ With the sounds of groans and winces released into the night air, Ianto managed to help the shaky man get to his feet and caught him again as he wavered. Ianto guided the other mans arm carefully around his own neck, offering support, which was received gratefully.

‘So you refuse to go to hospital?’ he asked. A slight nod from the other man was all the answer Ianto received, as he seemed preoccupied in trying to get his breathing back to a semblance of normality. Resolved to help this complete stranger Ianto came up with a way that would keep both party’s happy.

‘Well I guess I’ll just have to bring you back to my place then, now won’t I’ he informed him, as he looked at his face.

Noticing the brief flash of panic resurface, he said in his most reassuring voice ‘Don’t worry, you’ll be safe. It’s just round that...’ he pointed in the opposite direction to where the attackers fled, ‘corner there. I’m no doctor but I have a first aid kit and I’ll try my best to get you cleaned up. How does that sound?’

‘I suppose I’ve got no other choice’ replied the nameless man, after several moments of quiet thought.

‘Ok then.’ Supporting the man, Ianto started to walk in the direction of his flat. ‘You do realise you’ll probably wish you’d went to hospital after all, I’m really not a doctor,’ he said, hoping the man would reconsider.

‘Anywhere is better than a hospital,’ the other man replied, as his lip twitched almost into a smile.

‘Well I did warn you.’ He smiled gently at the man, who seemed to have lost the shakiness from his voice.

‘I’m sure you’ll do fine, ’the man said with a slight twinkle in his eyes. After a moment he stopped walking and said in quiet seriousness, ‘Thank you, by the way, there aren’t many who would do what you did.’

‘No problem,’ he replied with a slight blush creeping up his neck, glad of the cover of darkness.

As though aware of Ianto’s reaction, the man let a small smile appear on his battered face, the bruises looked slightly faded, compared to their brilliance before, but Ianto conceded that it must be a result of the poor lighting.

The man stared into Ianto’s eyes for an age then said tentatively as though he was nervous ‘The names Jack by the way, Captain Jack Harkness.’

Resuming their slow paced walk, Ianto finally replied ‘I’m Jones, Ianto Jones.’



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